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By Vudokasa


El Consuelo is a new brand just launched this year. It is one of only a few USDA-certified organic tequilas, made with Highland agave and, curiously, is aged in Cognac barrels instead of the usual bourbon barrels.

We received the reposado for review, which spends six months in wood before bottling. On the palate, again the powerful agave is front and center — it initially drinks like a blanco rather than a typical reposado — but give it some time and sweeter elements make their way to the fore. But the biggest surprise is saved for last, as the finish evokes a tequila atypical note of fresh thyme, which becomes particularly evident primarily on the nose.

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El Consuelo Tequilas sources its % organic agave from the Los Altos solution and then filled with Blanco, Reposado, or Anejo Tequila, and lastly, the. Production Details. NOM: ,. Agave Region: ,. Region: Jalisco (Ciénega),. Cooking: Stone/Brick Ovens,. Extraction: Roller Mill,. Water Source: .

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El Consuelo is claimed to be made “the way Tequila was meant to be The resposado and anejo are both aged in cognac barrels, giving them. El Consuelo Tequila Reposado Review. 80 proof / 40% alcohol. $ price point for ml bottle. Available in New York, New Jersey. El Consuelo is a new brand just launched this year. It is one of only a few USDA-​certified organic tequilas, made with Highland agave and.
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